We’ve got various Logo design projects on at the moment and the same question and idea comes up time and time again. In this culture where we live we’re becoming ever more focussed on how quick things will take rather than the quality of the end product. We live in a society is becoming ever more prevalent to wanting things now. Don’t get me wrong I’m guilty of this too!  

Every day we work to pressures and deadlines and sometimes because of this we lose sight of the bigger picture. That bigger picture is the picture of our future, of your future.  Logos and brand identities are funny things because as much as we want to say they’re a “corporate thing,” we all know that they hold some sentimental value. That’s why, to us, branding a business is something that we love to take a great deal of time over to focus our sights on the bigger picture.

Your Brand and identity isn’t just a paint splatter on a page. It is about your overarching presence within society both locally, nationally and sometimes internationally. Your brand encapsulates everything about you and your business. This means it’s not JUST the logo but everything the stems from that too. Think of it as a handshake before even meeting anyone in person. You brand identity tells so much more than people will probably ever think about. For example…

  • The typography used can set the tone and style for your business. This then sets the tone of your website, your electronic communications and even the way people may interact with each other within the business. A rounded typeface, for instance, gives a friendly impression yet a serif typeface (ones with flicks on the end) gives a much more upmarket impression. These things are all taken into account when thinking about your branding.
  • The colours used are a massive part of your identity. Colours that are too bright or garish gives the opposite impression as say some pastel colours. Sometimes to stand out you need to stand back and be different to all the other brands on the shelf or the signage.
  • The way your brand communicates and translates on to social media is vital in today’s digital era. Knowing your logo will stand out in the crowded space that is the internet is another massive consideration that we graphic designers, or visual problem solvers, have to consider. Will your logo fit into a 160 x 160 pixel Facebook profile picture or a Twitter 200 x 200 pixel profile photo?  When your brand is set in those sizes, will people recognise who you are and what you’re about? 

So in short, no, it’s not easy to create a branding that is so versatile, yet will communicate everything that you want it to in such a short space of time. Take a look around you when you’re next in your city centre and see all the shops, clothing brands, technological brands that are all fighting for your attention and how they differ in style. 

Whenever you go to your next graphic designer for a new logo, branding or website know that so much more thought goes into these things than just putting ideas down on a piece of paper. 

Myself and the team at George Creative would love to chat to you about your next project and see how we could help you stand out from the crowd. 

We can’t wait to hear from you

Dave George
Creative Director