Retail Packaging Design

Please be aware this retail packaging design work was done by Dave whilst working at his previous employer РConsuma. 

At his previous employer Dave working on the Boots retail packaging design project. This was to re-design their whole tissue box range including winter tissue cubes and pocket packs. Dave saw this as an exciting project as this was the first time that Boots have updated their tissue box designs for a long time. The fact that these designs would be in store for a number of years ahead meant Dave knew he would always smile when walking through any Boots store throughout the UK.

Dave really enjoyed working with the team on this project. So, if you do walk into Boots and see the designs, spare a thought for the hours Dave spent deciding which shade of colour would be best for the designs… it took longer than you might think!

Dave also worked on making the pack copy on the perforated oval of the packs uniform across the range so that the information could be easily read by the consumers buying the product but also ensuring that the uniformity was carried across the range.

Retail Packaging Design - Boots Essential Tissues
Retail Packaging Design - Boots Soft White Tissues

Dave worked on the whole range which included: Boots Essential Tissues, Boots Soft White Tissues, Boots Ultra Balm Tissues and Boots Ultra Soft Tissues.


Retail Packaging Design - Boots Ultra Balm Tissues
Retail Packaging Design - Boots Ultra Soft Tissues

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