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Pauley Creative are a special design agency which specialises in doing work for companies in the construction industry. The guys at Pauley Creative came to us to help them create some graphics that would be used in-house. They wanted to produce come personas which would be the kind of people they will look to employ as the company grows.

We went for an illustrative approach with the feel of an infographic as there was a lot of information to display but we wanted to do this is a fun way. We followed Pauley’s brand guidelines so that when they put these posters on the wall they would feel right at home. They use the very popular Museo Sans for their typography which is clear and concise; yet friendly and approachable. Their colour scheme uses a mixture of bright and more muted colours which gives great contrast and really works well on these posters and would hopefully cause anyone walking past to stop and have a read. 

We love helping agencies, like ourselves, to make sure that they can be the best they can be. Sometimes an outside approach can really help add new life into a project; sharing is caring, right? 

Are you looking for a design service locally, or even further afield? We would love to chat to you and find a way we can help you stand out.

George Creative - Poster Design Milton Keynes (MD)
George Creative - Poster Design Milton Keynes (Manager)

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